School Wide Positive Behavior Support

School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Program
Ben Franklin School has a School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Program. 
 We have 3Rs for school:
Ready, Respectful, and Responsible.

PBIS is a research-based behaviorframework that focuses on acknowledging students for consistent, sociallyappropriate, positive behavior.

Common routines and language withrespect to the school’s behavioral expectations are consistent throughout theschool.

Students are rewarded for theirpositive, socially appropriate behavior and earn privileges and rewards.

A Minor Behavior Office Referral isa teacher-managed consequence given to a student who has committed a minorinfraction, breaking one or more of the school-wide expectations..

A Major Behavior Office Referral is a discipline report for moreserious infractions that is handled by school administration and is included inthe student's cumulative file. An appropriate consequence is given, and anadministrator will contact the student’s parent/guardian.

Yellow Tickets!

Teachers at Ben Franklin are alwayslooking for students who display the 3 Rs in our school. If your student is

‘caught’being Ready, Responsible, or Respectful he/she can earn a yellow ticket and beeligible for a reinforcer in the classroom.

Orange Tickets!

Orange tickets are available forstudent who exhibit behaviors that are above those expected. Students earnOrange Tickets by going out of their way to help others and being positive rolemodels. Orange Ticket winners are part of our Principal’s 200 Club and have theopportunity to earn special rewards like field trips, t-shirts, or ice creamparties!

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